Project Lead

Shuvam Agarwal

Shuvam is the guy who picks up brilliant ideas from any conversation that he is a part of. There is no doubt in saying that this project is his brainchild. When he is not playing with ideas, he is travelling around the world looking for perspectives.

He is an engineering graduate from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. A tech enthusiast and an entrepreneur with a passion for games, Shuvam leads the game production and marketing activities, making sure that the planning is solid, and that the development progresses as planned. Blockchain is like a blank canvas for him and he views his work as a piece of art.

Development Lead

Piyush Kumar

When not coding his brains out, Piyush is blowing his controllers out on FIFA. A hardcore Madridsta, he doesn’t shy away from a good conversation about football with literally anybody.

He is an Electrical Engineering graduate whose interest lies in algorithmic programming. He has worked on projects ranging from Android Development to using AI for ERP products. Piyush manages and oversees the entire blockchain development associated with CryptoSpaceX, ensuring all game contracts and mechanisms are working at their finest logic. His excitement about this project can fill the seven seas.

Design Lead

Jean Paul Fiction

Jean has been an illustrator and a concept artist for 5 years now. In his brief career, he has worked with several video games and film productions. Designing spaceships brings out his creative best and he never leaves any stone unturned when he is creating those fine machines of his dreams. For his inspiration, he watches and rewatches Star Wars and other sci-fi movies, just to get an idea of what inspired those designs. He is obsessed with details, so he tries to learn everything he can about the various aspects of a spaceship design such as the lines, the engines etc.

Application Lead

Shrey Pandey

Usually manages a couple of kills every game of PUBG, Shrey has never had a chicken dinner yet. Expert on Codeforces, behaves like a Master.

He strives to create a robust game to satisfy his gamer conscience. In the CryptoSpaceX team, he is a leading the Game Application development. Shrey works on both sides of the development, the game in front of you and the working behind the curtains. It is doubtful that the team will work in such a cohesive manner without him.

Marketing and Operations Lead

Divyansh Ameta

Be it mingling with strangers, standing out in a crowd or enjoying others' company; Divyansh is a true extrovert at heart. A mechanical engineering graduate from IIT Delhi, he is one of those 99% engineers whose passion lies in everything else apart from science and technology!

Here at CryptoSpaceX, he handles business development, marketing and publicity, basically everything that's non tech. Divyansh loves to network, make new friends and this fun-loving human's contagious energy ensures there's never a dull moment

Game Development Wiz

Manish Baghel

Manish is an avid coder, with his core areas being Full-Stack development, machine learning, and of late, Dapps and blockchain technology. His growing interest in blockchain technology and game development pushed him towards our project.

Manish is working on CryptoSpaceX ever since he first heard about the game and is working day and night to realise the idea on the Ethereum blockchain. His contribution goes far more than a blockchain developer as he is also the guy behind the crispy looking website you guys visit more than 100 times a day. He can code for hours at stretch as long as the 60s rock is playing in his ears with Ninja’s Fortnite stream playing continuously alongside.

Blockchain and Backend Wiz

Sunil Kumar

Tech has fascinated Sunil for a long time now whether it be the entertaining video games or world building ideas like machine learning or blockchain. His fascination towards blockchain was what drove him towards the idea of developing innovative decentralised applications. It took him several years of slapping the keyboard to groom himself into becoming. With over 2 years of experience in application development and he brings a lot of innovative ideas to the table.

Solidity Wiz

Mankaran Singh

Mankaran is the youngest member of the team and is an experienced backend developer. When he came across the CryptoSpaceX project, he was immensely excited to start working on the same. Mentored by Piyush, he creates and tests robust solidity contracts and ensures stable game economics.

A hardcore gamer and a huge RPG fan, he loves to play Assassins Creed and has successfully completed every version of the game. One can almost say that if you take away coding and gaming from his life, he will not have one.

Concept Artist

Tiago Sousa

Tiago is a concept illustrator from Sao Paulo, Brazil. His imaginations and creativity spawn upto the farthest horizons. Paint him a picture with your words, and he will present to you the perfect illustration for those words. Tiago loves our concept for the Vegastar and is immensely excited about designing the Space City of the Fabula Galaxy.