Frequently Asked Questions

About the Game

When are you going to launch the game?

Episode I of the CryptoSpaceX series is set to launch on June 15th. We also expect the game Episode II to be ready to launch by December, 2018.

How do I play? Do I have to buy the game?

Before the main game is launched in June, we are having a token sale. These tokens act as your lifetime membership to all game Episodes. After launch you will have to buy assets from the marketplace to be able to play the game.

How many episodes will be there in the game?

There will be several episodes in our game which will build upon the storyline behind Episode I.

Will there be special events/tournaments?

Yes, there will be several events/tournaments with prizes to be won.

Will there be mini-games?

The Fabula galaxy has an entertainment zone called Vegastar. It features several mini-games and custom stops.

Will it be available for mobile devices?

Yes. We will definitely build support for mobile gaming functionality.


How can we earn stardust in the game?

Only the stars in the Fabula galaxy release new stardust which can be bought from star owners. You can also attack other planets and loot stardust. Several mini-games at Vegastar also let you win stardust.

Will there be individual battles only or team battles is also an option?

There will only be PvP battle features in Episode I and several tournament modes. Episode II however will feature robust team battles.

How do we win the battle?

You win a battle when the starships you’ve sent for combat has successfully managed to destroy the defending planet’s battlestations and defensive elements.

What will be the loot from each battle?

The loot from each battle will depend on whether you have won, how much damage you inflicted on the planet and the stardust stored on the defending planet.

Can we use multiple starships in a single battle?

Yes you can use multiple starships in one battle. However, you can only command those ships to battle which are are kept in the battlestation’s ship hangar.

How many starships can be kept in the battlestation?

Battlestations are upgradable and as you move on to higher levels, the number of starships hangars increase.


What is the advantage of having pre-sale tokens?

The pre-sale tokens act as a very good rewarding mechanism for early adopters of the game. We consider all pre-sale participants as not just buyers but also as investors, and reward them accordingly with their share in game’s revenue. Further, it is very important to build a strong CryptoSpaceX community before the launch of the game as this drives demand and makes the game even more fun to play.

What rewards do I get if I have SpaceX tokens?

SpaceX token holders get a lifetime membership to all game Episodes. At the start of every Episode, they will receive their episode launch assets in their Ethereum wallets.

30% of all the revenue generated by Stars through Stardust sales is distributed among all token Holders.

If you are lucky, you can also get SpaceX token exclusive game elements like the Death Ray in Episode I.

What are the launch assets for Episode I?

The Episode I launch assets include a Star Map which will guide you to you own planet. This planet also has enough Stardust so that you can build yourself 3 Starships.

Are there any presale exclusive assets in Episode I?

Yes its the Death Ray, the most powerful ship in the entire CryptoSpaceX Universe. There are only 20 such ships that will ever be made and can only be found at Episode I launch by token holders. Good luck surviving against it!

When are you going to start/end the pre-sale?

The presale will start on 23rd of May at 1:00 pm UTC and will end on 22nd of June.

Is it possible to play the game without buying any tokens?

Yes, you can buy game assets like a planet from the marketplace after game launch and you’re all set.

What is the number of tokens that are up for pre-sale?

There are only 4000 SpaceX tokens that will ever be distributed. Of these only 3700 are available in the presale.

What is the maximum number of tokens I can buy?

You can buy as many tokens as you want to. To ensure fair participation, we have limited the maximum number per transaction to 10 tokens.