The Setting


It is a period of grave danger. The Evil forces, striking from a hidden base, have attacked the rebel army base and destroyed all their battleships. During the battle, most rebel forces managed to flee. However left with no weapons to fight with, there seems to be no hope of victory for the Rebellion leaders. Dedicated to defeat the Evil forces, a young Rebellion leader, Jean sets aboard his Star Cruiser to finally solve the mystery of the lost galaxy of Fabula....

Several legends have been written about the mystical Fabula. Some say it can only be visited in the dreams, while some claim that it is so dark that nobody can ever see or find it. Guided by his master's words, one day Jean discovered a strange source of light and he followed it. The light got brighter and brighter and suddenly he saw a strange new planet. Jean spent several years on the planet and documented everything he could about the strange planet and the mystical galaxy.

The Note and The Map

Here is what he wrote -

"I have found a new galaxy but this is not like any other galaxy we’ve ever seen. Perhaps its Fabula that I have found! It seems to be a very small galaxy with only 1000 stars. The planets in Fabula do not rotate around the sun!!! In fact this galaxy does not seem to obey any law of nature as we know it. The stars here emit stardust which is the only natural resource in the entire galaxy. This Stardust can be used for building new starships for the Rebellion fleet. If anybody finds this note, on the back side I have drawn a map. There are only 4000 such maps and each map will guide you to one of the planets in Fabula.”

Game Features

The Universe

A Virtual Universe on the Blockchain

Explore a virtual universe where all in-game objects ranging from planets and stars to starships and stardust are assigned digital ownership to their owners. A seamless universe with player interactions, fun arenas to play several mini-games and awesome space combats.

  1. Ownership of AssetsEpisode I
  2. In-Game Player interactionsEpisode I
  3. PvP Space CombatsEpisode I
  4. Explore the Entire UniverseEpisode II
  5. Open World 3D gamingEpisode II

Immersive Sound Experience

Experience filled with several unique sound elements from the eerie silence of space to the deafening blast of laser cannons.

Game Elements-Episode I


Discover and set up your defence base on one of the planets in Fabula. Every player must own atleast one planet to be able to play the main game. Customise your planet’s defences, collect stardust, build and upgrade starships in your planet’s battlestation.

  1. Unique and Customisable Defence Combinations
  2. Multiple Nearby Stars
  3. Distance and Size control Stardust exposure
  4. Upgradeable Planets and Defences
  5. Planet vs Planet battles
  6. ERC721 tokens

Stars and Stardust

Only the Stars in Fabula emit Stardust. Planet owners must buy stardust from star owners. In Fabula, Stardust is the only resource and it can be used to build anything from starships to new upgrades—all you have to do is imagine!

  1. Controlled release of Stardust
  2. Stardust can only be bought from Stars
  3. Stars—ERC721 tokens
  4. Stardust—ERC20 tokens


As a Resistance leader, collecting and building a large fleet of starships for the upcoming battle is the main goal of our game Episode I. Attach new equipment to your ships, build new ones from stardust and command your starships to loot stardust from planets.

  1. Upgradeable and Customisable Ships
  2. Classes and Rarity
  3. Built using Stardust
  4. ERC721 tokens

Explorer Rockets

Only 4000 planet maps were drawn by the young Resistance leader, Jean. There are several other planets in Fabula which can be found using the in-game explorer rockets. Each explorer rocket gives a player a small chance of finding an undiscovered planet and can only be used once.

Gameplay-Episode I

Space Combats

Engage in space combats with subsystem targeting and strategic gameplay mechanisms.

  1. Planet vs Planet combats
  2. Strategic loot mechanism


Take part in several in-game tournaments to win special prizes and game assets. Build alliances with other players, rent your battleships, and race your way to the top of our weekly leaderboards.

  1. Knockout tournaments for top Resistance leaders
  2. Starcraft racing challenges
  3. Special events featuring all players
  4. Weekly leaderboard challenges


This is the official relaxation zone (or more like Ricklaxation zone) of the Fabula galaxy. Waiting for your battle results to get mined? Used up all your stardust and got nothing to do now? Head over to Vegastar to indulge in a wide range of mini-games and entertainment zones.

  1. Starland Wheel Casino- Test your luck on various mini-games and win stardust
  2. Starcraft Racing Arena- Race your starships in special tournaments
  3. Cardniville- Engage in several fantasy card games

Want to have your own stop or mini-game at Vegastar? Send us and email at and we will be happy to build one for you as well.